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19. upcoming sophomore in college.
the third batgirl.
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A guy asked me a question the other day...
about why people run when things get tough.

          That's easy
               you can become someone else,
                          wherever you land, right?

Who's gonna know the difference?
                                   So why stay?
   Why set yourself up for more f a i l u r e?
                                            For more pain?

Also easy ―                
because we don't know how to do
anything else.

So why stay?
        Why o p e n yourself up to all the bad
                          you've tried to leave behind?

"The only variable you can control is yourself."

                          You can forget who you are,
                   or you can be who you want to be.

          That's why you stay.
                You stay for a SECOND CHANCE.

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19. Stephanie and Cass enjoy trolling Tim. They’ll gang up on him during rooftop tag and pull pranks on him. Once, while Tim was taking his after-patrol shower, they stole all of his clothes. Tim had to go up into the Manor wearing only a towel to ask Alfred for some clothes. Tim was so embarrassed that his face was bright red. Steph and Cass took pictures and sent them to the entire family, including Jason.
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wow i haven’t written any of these since.. … according to my tag .. two ish months ago. oookay anyway.

Barbara wants her to train more so she could keep up with the rest of the family — and she agrees, it’s just that Stephanie finds it hard to do that sometimes and needs motivation. So she tries to incorporate it as much as she can into her life without being too obvious. Her advantage is that she isn’t very well known so she keeps it that way. She kicks ass at ping pong over at the university and that was about it.

When stressed out and she isn’t the mood to train with rock music blaring at the background, she falls into stance for tai chi and starts from there. A series of motion that’s controlled and slow — completely unlike her who’s brash, quick to action and uncontrollable. She recognizes the fact that she’s the action first and thinking later type of person and she knows how disadvantageous that could be, so she’s working on it. It clears her head, though, which is what’s important.

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Since probably not a lot of people know— Cass literally passed on the mantle of Batgirl to Stephanie on Bruce’s orders as a ‘in case he goes missing or dies’ thing, because she needs it.

After Cass and Steph finishes up in a fight Cass strips off the costume and leaves it for Steph to use — and she does. This is why sometimes it’s shown that she’s in Cass’ version of the Batgirl outfit until Oracle makes her the suped up version of the purple one we all see her in.

So far that’s all canon— headcanon tiiimeee.

So what happens to the tattered version of the Batgirl outfit that originally belonged to Cass? Stephanie keeps it in a box along with her old Spoiler and Robin costume, as a keepsake of how she’s evolved through the years of vigilantism, and also how she tells herself that she earned the title of the Batgirl mantle because she knows how much that meant to Cassandra.

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I could see Stephanie taking over what Leslie started. She owes the woman her life, after all. So I can see her being a doctor one day and taking over the clinic since in a way, it’s a show of hope in Gotham.

There’s also the fact that her mom is a nurse, which also adds to that. If the whole vigilantism thing doesn’t work out for her she’d probably just focus on medicine and replace Leslie as the Batfam’s personal physician since Leslie is getting old.

But she likes her job a little too much to leave it completely— and has nothing against being a combat medic.

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Ever since she got caught in the middle of a kidnapping of her friend while she was dressing to impress; Steph now makes sure that she always has at least one weapon on her at all times since she really doesn’t like getting shot. Most of the time it’s her retractable bo staff that she calls a ‘boom stick’, and it’s usually either strapped to her thigh or inside her bag if she’s in civvies.

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FEARS v2 continuation to this.

She constantly fears that Bruce would take the role of Batgirl away from her. She knows she can say that he can’t do it— that he can never take that away from her— but without his funding she won’t have the tech, the car, the bike or Firewall to keep Batgirl functioning.

Because she knew if he would have to choose, she’d be the first to go.

Stephanie knows for a fact now that she was never a Robin, and she hates it. She’d love to think that she served a purpose other than being used— that she was doing some good at least. But it was all merely a ploy to get the third Robin back.

She fears being used, but with her nature being almost naive it’s almost hard to avoid it.

Steph also fears not being able to leave a legacy, or add onto the legend that was the Bat symbol. That the people won’t remember her for who she was and instead focus on all the things she’s screwed up on as both Spoiler and as Batgirl. That people wont mourn her; since the last time the only one that ever really cared was Cassandra.

She knows that out of the family, all she has to offer is her creative quick wits, her impressive stealth, dedication, and the training she’s gotten from the Birds of Prey as well as Batman. She isn’t impressively smart like Tim or Barbara or any of them, but she does know Gotham because of who she was and how she grew up.

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obligatory headcanon.

— about waffles.

The only reason why she likes them in the very beginning is because of her mom.

It’s the first ever attempt she’s ever made to act like a mother should, so she tries her best to appreciate the effort; and eventually she stopped pretending because she does come to like it after awhile.

It was because of Stephanie’s initial reaction to her mom actually trying (and not the waffles themselves) made her mom think that it was the waffle’s doing and kept at it instead of varying between anything else.

She likes them because her mom makes them from scratch. Steph only knows how to successfully make them from a box. The first time she tried making it out of scratch ended up a bit .. darker and crisp.

Over time she’s related the waffles to her building relationship with her mom because it is a giant stepping stone and a start for them both.

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It just occurred to me— like, I know I’ve said something about the way Stephanie dresses herself. It’s very conservative. She’s always seen wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants instead of skirts and short sleeves.

If she is wearing a skirt she’s wearing a long jacket to go with it.

Soo, my reason for that is that she doesn’t want to show skin, because of all the prominent scars that are still fading after her incident with the Black Mask after he put her through days of torture. Some of them were too deep for the scars to heal over, some of them might not at all but Leslie’s done a good job of making sure some of the scars heal just fine.

Of course, those aren’t the only scars she has.
Battle scars and other ones could be seen too considering she was an amateur when she began. No one trained her so she had to learn on her own through trial and error, meaning tons of scars, bruises and all that. 

The only time she wears something that reveals skin is on occasion, but she puts on concealers and all the pro makeup to make sure no one sees. She doesn’t need anyone asking about the circular scars that are scattered throughout her form from a drill, or the extensive slashes from a scalpel, a burn here and there, etc etc.

she doesn’t show off her navel for the same reason, she is a mother to a child after all.

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detectivebat asked: 2 & 5.

2. Why did I choose my character, and how do I choose to play him/her?

Because the Batfam was obviously lacking some blonde. (  ・ω・)/
I already roleplay Cassandra Cain so I know how awesome the Batgirls could be. Thouuughhh, I don’t know it came to me on a whim I guess— like most of my muses. COUGHS.

How do I play her?
Erm— good question, I don’t really know? 8c I mean, she has her blonde moments but she is quirky and snarky and she relies a lot on her intuition and thinks really quickly on her feet. I think that’s her advantage .. being her. She’s unpredictable, and during her part in the comic ‘Bruce Wayne: The Road Home’ he states that she’s a wildcard, which I still think is because of Cass’ influence because she can ‘read’ people and predict what they’re going to do.

She’s awkward as hell sometimes and she needs to learn how to keep the inner voice INSIDE. She seems a lot more quirkier and happier while inside the costume, and retains a low profile as a civilian since that’s one of the things she has as an advantage over the rest of the Batfamily. They’re watched by the media because of their fame and fortune, but she isn’t. Herp herp herp. 

/runs away now.

5. Give one headcanon l have about my character(s).

oh gosh. umm..
OK THIS IS gonna be like— so far ahead in the future that I’d probably never roleplay it but hey, since it’s here I might as well write it out.

If she ever gets married or whatever, and you know— children stuff. I think she’d want to go see what happened to her child before she gets pregnant. Depending on what she sees would totally affect whether or not she’d want to have another kid. Though you know, if she sees that her child was being mistreated she’d go to court to get her back because now she’s more confident that she’d be able to take care of her.

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